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I am a qualified and experienced therapist who specialises in helping adults overcome stress and anxiety. I combine relevant therapies to create a specific program for each client to achieve their goals.

Are you feeling trapped in your anxious feelings and feel like there’s no way out?

Is it affecting your professional or home life?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked?

Imagine having tools and techniques to resolve and deal with the issues!

You may be right there in the midst of depression and anxiety, feeling trapped and terrified that you won’t be able to pull yourself out. Perhaps you’ve tried numerous kinds of medications and treatments which were recommended to you, but nothing has helped you escape the trap you are currently stuck in.

I understand what it is like, having overcome my own anxiety.

Please realise that treatment can be simple, incredibly effective, and can assist you in all areas of your life – health, business, and family life. Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind, and allows you to resolve and change beliefs and behaviour patterns so that you can achieve what you want.

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Recent blog posts

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    Holiday season – enjoyment with less anxiety and stress!

    Holidays can provide a break from stress and anxiety. This seems especially important after the changes we have seen in 2020, and this post provides some ideas to assist in making the best use of this valuable time!

  • woman running up stadium steps

    Feeling stressed? Strengthen your grit and resilience

    Do you feel that you have plenty of resilience? And grit? The ability to persevere and not be diverted or discouraged indicate how successful we are likely to be in achieving our goals. This post explains what grit actually is, why it is important in life, and how we can develop it.

  • target with three arrows in bullseye

    How to achieve a growth mindset

    Some people see mistakes as a learning experience, and persevere to achieve success. Others see failure as evidence that they have little talent in that area, and thus stop trying.A fixed mindset is, “believing your qualities are carved in stone,” whereas a growth mindset is “the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.”

  • Man holding paper with smiley face drawn on it over his face

    Why self image is so important

    What image comes to mind when you think of yourself? Perhaps you think of a confident, capable person, ready for whatever life throws at them. This self image acts as a blueprint for how we live our life. We normally behave according to our self-image and it can even include what we feel the future will hold.

  • stressed man sitting at desk with laptop with hands over head

    The top 10 personal reasons why people do not seek therapy

    You want therapy to succeed. That’s why you made the effort to attend , and are willing to discuss how your situation can improve. However, some factors can make it more likely that the therapy may fail, or not succeed as well as it it could. The good news is that they are all within your control.

  • How to succeed and conquer your inner critic

    Most of us are familiar with that inner voice that tells us “I’m not good enough”, “I will fail”, “I haven’t prepared enough”, “I’m no good at that” “They will see through me” “I’m still fat despite following that diet”. The little voice in our mind can either spur us on to greater achievements, or demolish our self-confidence.

  • How to help Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    People who experience OCD know the type of inner dialogue it creates. “Did I turn off the iron?” “Yes, I think I did. But if I check 10 times, then I’ll be safe”. The great news is that OCD can be helped by cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy to have a much smaller effect on our lives.

  • What’s good about stopping Fast Food?

    “Fast food” is not just what we buy in fast food restaurants. It includes processed foods such as chips, lollies, breakfast cereals, white flour, baked goods, and other high-calorie, low-nutrient foods. In this post, we’ll look at all the good things that happen when we cut out fast food!

  • Mindful hypnotherapy decreases stress

    Research from Baylor University, Texas has shown how combined mindfulness and hypnotherapy can decrease the effects of stress, and is even quicker than using mindfulness on its own. The techniques can be used privately throughout their day, so no-one need know that we are feeling stressed.

  • Plan the future you want after COVID

    In this post we concentrate on the positives of this situation. Why not use the changes to examine what we have been doing, and see if it still fits our purpose. It’s a chance to let go of things that may be holding us back. This article has ideas of how we can all embrace the future while living with the New Normal.

  • Koala asleep in tree

    How to beat insomnia

    Most of us have experienced insomnia. Research showed that 46 per cent of those studied have experienced poor sleep quality — up from 25 per cent of people before the pandemic. This article explores causes, health effects, and solutions to insomnia,

  • Hamburger and chips

    Fast Food: Do You Really Need It?

    Did you know that our cravings for junk food are actually encouraged by food manufacturers? This post explains how they spend an enormous number of research dollars on this by balancing the ratio of fat, sugar, salt and other chemicals to over-ride our “stop” signals.

  • woman running down road, other runners in background

    Can you be healthy while overweight?

    Can you be fit while fat? Does being overweight directly affect your quality of life? It may not be apparent until a few years have passed. But just because the effects of being overweight are not showing doesn’t mean that they are not there.

  • Sneaky ways to be successful at losing weight

    Why do some people find it so easy to lose weight? Genetics can play a part, and foods with the “bliss point” ratio of salt, sweetness and fat can tempt us to eat! Neurological changes, stress, and hormones can also affect weight loss. This article gives tips to help you succeed.

  • Do media reports make you stressed and anxious?

    We live in an increasingly connected world. We have 24-hour news from multiple sources. We can get the latest news on any situation. This article provides tips on how to take back control, and decrease the stress caused by information overload.

  • woman sitting on couch near window

    How to look after your mental health post-lockdown

    Research in March 2020 found that the social and financial disruption caused by restrictions had a much more marked effect than fear of exposure to the coronavirus itself. This article covers signs that anxiety may be out of control, and tips for overcoming this anxiety.

  • closeup of cigarette butt

    Ditch your smoking habit

    Some habits masquerade as our friends, but they are in fact our enemies! If you want to ditch cigarettes and other forms of smoking, this article explains how this can be done, plus covers research into the best ways to stop smoking.

  • Koala asleep in tree

    Self-care – you’re worth it!

    Mental health is recognised as extremely important. The Australian Government is spending $74 million over 2019-20 and 2020-21 on mental health services. In this post, we focus on the fact that you’re worth it! Its worth spending time and resources on self-care, and this post gives some ideas on how to do this!

  • Self-care – its easy!

    Lots of people get the wrong idea about self-care. They feel it’s splurging to do something extravagant for yourself. But self-care benefits us all. You can’t take care of others when your own well-being is being neglected. This post takes a look at some free and low-cost ways you can care for yourself.

  • Change how you talk to yourself – beating procrastination – 4

    This post explains how to tame the feeling that either encourages us to go do something else – thus procrastinating, or the critical voice… the one that tells us how much we suck because we didn’t get the things done we set out to do. It includes three secrets of getting things done.

  • woman running down road, other runners in background

    Beating procrastination part 3 – accountability

    Beating procrastination can be hard. We do well for a few days, but then old habits set back in, or we get frustrated with lack of progress. A small setback at this point may be enough to stop us in our tracks. Creating accountability can greatly improve our chances, and this post covers four strategies to help ensure success.

  • Person writing 'to-do' list

    How to motivate yourself, and avoid distractions – part 2

    Ready to stop procrastinating and make progress towards your goals? If you’re one of the many who are now spending much more time at home, these seven tips could make life easier (and more productive) for you.

  • How to beat procrastination – part 1

    Many of us have the tendency to put things off, and if you are one of the many people now spending more time at home, it’s even easier to do! The first of 4 posts, this article starts with self-forgiveness and then planning.

  • woman sitting on chair reading book

    11 ways you can thrive during self-isolation

    This blogpost contains some ideas on how you can look after your mental health during a period of self-isolation, e.g. due to COVID-19 (but it applies equally to isolation for other reasons).

  • woman running up stadium steps

    Use your powerful mind to keep healthy

    Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis has been shown by several clinical trials to boost the immune system. The understandable anxiety that many people are feeling at the moment can affect the immune system, so it is vital to take time for yourself.

  • word cloud with stop smoking phrases

    A great time to stop smoking the easy way, and boost your health

    While helping people stop smoking, I often hear that the habit is linked to situations, or activities that people do at a certain time of day. This post explains the benefits of being a non smoker,and methods of quitting.

  • oscilloscope waves

    Online hypnosis – effective, and the way of the future!

    Some people wonder how hypnotherapy works using computer software. After all, do you not need to be in the same room as the hypnotherapist to obtain therapy? This post explains the types of hypnotherapy that can be delivered online, and the advantages of the face-to-face online service.

  • Man holding paper with smiling face drawn on it over his face

    Do you feel like an impostor when you succeed at something?

    Have you ever felt like your success was a fluke? Do you fell like an ‘impostor’, when other people find out that you don’t have the skills or talents that they think you have? This post explains what Imposter Syndrome actually is, its causes and what we can do to help ourselves.

  • Two cartoon animals on a see-saw

    Coronavirus – keeping the balance

    This article contains some tips for giving the coronavirus situation the attention that it deserves, but also avoiding unnecessary anxiety.

  • emoticons - sad angry annoyed and smiling

    An easy way to trigger your success

    This blogpost explains how habits can be reinforced by triggers. It also explains how manipulating these triggers can strengthen good habits while helping to stop unwanted habits.

  • woman standing on jetty facing sun with arms outstretched

    Is there any difference between hypnosis and meditation?

    One of the most common questions that I am asked is “Are hypnosis and meditation the same thing?” This post offers definitions of both, lists some similarities and differences, plus offers guidance on how to choose between them.

  • woman looking upwards with question marks in background

    Negative thinking – how to overcome it and thrive

    Thoughts can have a direct link to feelings, and negative thoughts can make us unhappy. This post covers common cognitive distortions, and some tips on how to combat negative thinking.

  • Picture of woman in pyjamas and wearing Christmas socks, drinking a hot drink

    Holiday Season enjoyment

    The holiday season can be a time of stress. Perhaps relatives have all decided to visit your home this year, and you are not accustomed to cooking for such large numbers of people. Perhaps visiting relatives mean that your home is crowded. This post provides some ideas to counteract the stress.

  • woman with briefcase leaping across valley to mountain with letters J O B on top

    9 ways hypnotherapy can help you get success at work

    If people do not feel happy at work, it can affect how they perform in their job, and how they behave and feel both at work and outside of the office. It could even affect their career and promotion prospects. This article explains how hypnotherapy can help.

  • sunset over sea with clouds in blue sky

    Panic attacks – what they are and how to overcome them

    A panic attack is sudden feelings of overwhelming panic and fear. It can last up to a few minutes and include various symptoms such as palpitations, shaking, shortness of breath, and dizziness. This post covers causes, symptoms, and treatment of this common issue.

  • stylised lips and teeth

    How to minimise dental anxiety

    Dental anxiety is a term used to mean fear in a setting where dental services are provided, e.g., before or during dental treatment. This post covers some of the actions you can take to help yourself overcome it.

  • cream coloured and white coloured teeth

    What’s the cause of dental anxiety?

    Dental anxiety is a term used to mean fear in a setting where dental services are provided, e.g., before or during dental treatment. Learn the signs, symptoms, triggers and causes of dental anxiety.

  • woman sitting at desk with large piles of books

    How to beat exam stress

    It doesn’t matter whether you are still at school, or at TAFE or university – exam stress can be very real. Understand the difference between good and bad stress, the symptoms of exam stress, and how to manage it.

  • book shelf with books with birds nest on top

    So what is OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?

    OCD is an anxiety disorder where people carry out obsessive and / or compulsive activities to help decrease their anxiety levels. Learn some of the myths around OCD, where it may originate, some of the symptoms, and most important – how it can be treated.

  • signposts reading hope and despair pointing in opposite directions

    Be optimistic – its powerful and good for you – 2

    In this post I’ll cover the benefits of optimism, and discuss ‘explanatory style’ (or how we explain that happens in our life), and what we can do to make it work better for us.

  • woman sitting on top of mountain with hands outstretched in air

    Be optimistic – its powerful and good for you

    Psychologist Martin Seligman is known as “the father of positive psychology”. He divides people into optimists and pessimists. Learn about the research behind this new interest in optimism, and strategies we can use to vastly improve our health.

  • Two people shaking hands in a meeting

    Using targeted hypnotherapy to conquer interview anxiety

    Most people are at least slightly anxious before an interview. In many cases, this feeling helps them perform well, and project the best version of themselves during the interview. However, if nerves adversely affect your interview performance, there are techniques that you can use to present your “best self” in the interview.

  • book shelf with books with birds nest on top

    8 facts you need to know for perfect mind mastery

    The conscious mind is responsible for thinking, decisions, and awareness of your environment. It interacts with the subconscious mind, which is like a memory vault containing memories, emotional reactions to past events, habits, and more.
    This article covers information about the subconscious mind, a vital part of our body.

  • group of female graduates jumping for joy

    Research on how hypnosis techniques help conquer anxiety

    Many people are aware that hypnotherapy can be used to decrease anxiety caused by various life events, but may wonder if there have been any clinical trials on this topic to help show scientifically whether hypnotherapy actually works in these situations. In this blogpost, I cover some of the areas where hypnosis is used to help anxiety, and list a few of the many articles to support this.

  • white chaise longue

    6 reasons why therapy can fail, and how to avoid them!

    When you start therapy, you want it to succeed. That is why you made the effort to attend therapy, and are willing to discuss how your situation can improve. This post covers factors can make therapy more likely to fail, or not succeed as well as it it could. The good news is that they are all within your control.

  • laptop and coffee cup on desk, picture of woman showing on laptop

    Skypenosis – why is online hypnotherapy so convenient and effective?

    This post explains how online hypnotherapy sessions work (they’re just as good as clinic sessions), plus some of the benefits of using online sessions.

  • Cigarette being stubbed out on a specific day on a calendar

    Hypnotherapy – stop smoking the easy way, and boost your health

    This post outlines the benefits of stopping smoking, plus some methods of quitting. It describes what happens in a stop smoking hypnotherapy session.

  • stressed man sitting at desk with laptop with hands over head

    Is anxiety at work in your office?

    Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. On average, 1 in 4 people will experience anxiety in their lifetime. In a 12-month period, over two million Australians experience anxiety. This post outlines some steps which can help you look after yourself at work despite anxiety.

  • Pocket watch sitting on top of old newspaper

    Gastric band hypnotherapy – enjoy the benefits without surgery!

    Virtual gastric band hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to convince your unconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted around your stomach, and thus can only eat small portions of food. This post explains the advantages of this, plus an outline of the procedure.

  • signposts reading hope and despair pointing in opposite directions

    Conquer fear of needles and injections – part 2

    This is part 2 of a two-part series on needle and injection phobia. It covers tips and tricks that you can use at the time of the injection to make it easier.

  • Hedgehog

    Conquer fear of needles and injections – part 1

    Unfortunately, for most of us, injections are largely unavoidable. We may need them for vaccinations, blood tests, surgery or dental surgery. This blogpost covers what to do in advance of the injection to make it easier for you.

  • Koala asleep in tree

    Benefits of relaxation and how to do it

    Stress can affect us physically as well as emotionally. It can trigger negative biochemical changes within our bodies. Relaxation can reverse this series of changes, and this post explains some easy relaxation techniques.

  • Cartoon of a ghost

    Phobias – their origin, and how to stop them successfully

    Phobias are persistent, irrational fears. A phobia may be of an object or situation, with a strong desire to avoid the fear and, in some cases, an inability to function at normal tasks. They are a form of anxiety disorder. This article explains where phobias can originate, and how they can be treated.

  • woman looking upwards with question marks in background

    How to choose a reputable hypnotherapist

    Keen to use hypnotherapy to assist with an unwanted habit or issue in your life? Hypnotherapy in Australia is largely unregulated, and that means that anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist. This blogpost provides some tips on how you can choose a reputable practitioner.

  • High class hotel surrounded by water

    Holiday season – lots of enjoyment, minimal stress!

    Holidays can provide a great break from stress. As most of us who are employed only have a set amount of holiday time each year, this post provides some ideas to assist in making the best use of this valuable time!

  • Woman looking upwards wondering about the answer to a question

    How to resolve FOMO (fear of missing out)

    FOMO is “Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media” (Oxford English Dictionary). This post gives 8 tips on how to minimise FOMO, plus improve our confidence and happiness.

  • Outline of man containing anxiety-related words, superimposed over outline of clock

    Do you worry about ‘missing out’?

    Do you check Facebook (or other social media) five times a day, check up on what your friends are doing or worry that you are missing out on activities? You may have FOMO (fear of missing out). This article explains what FOMO actually is, and gives tips on how to keep it under control.

  • Drawing of a crowd of people around a desk having a discussion

    Self-confidence – part 2

    Self-confidence is created from self-esteem, and self-efficacy.We can think of four steps to self confidence, the first being taking stock of what you already have in your life. This post covers the other steps – listing what we want to achieve, setting out to achieve it, and continually challenging ourselves to improve.

  • Person breaking free of chains attached to wrists with sunset in background

    Self-confidence – part 1

    Most of us know self-confidence when we see it in others, but when it comes to feeling self-confidence in ourselves, some of us struggle. We may feel we are holding ourselves back from success. This post explains what self-confidence is, and explains the first step to self-confidence – taking stock of what we already have.

  • Would you want your life decisions made by a child?

    Core beliefs are ideas which are formed when we are young. We use them as a benchmark to judge ourselves and those around us. We see the world, our own behaviour and the behaviour of other people through the ‘lens’ of the core beliefs. 

Coronavirus Community Support

The effects of COVID-19 and the coronavirus situation, including changes in routine, can cause stress and anxiety, and I wish to assist clients to remain healthy, especially at this time.

To assist clients who may not wish to attend the clinic in North Beach, I am offering tele-health (online) appointments via Zoom, which offer the same benefits as clinic appointments. This page has further details.

Hygiene is very important at present, and so between each clinic appointment, clients will be pleased to know that I clean the chairs, desk, couch, and room doorhandles.

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My qualifications are as follows:-

  • Diploma in Hypnocounselling
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Coach
  • Certificate in Conversational Hypnosis
  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Cert. IV Training and Assessment (training qualification)

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Lisa Billingham

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