It is Spring in Perth, Western Australia, where I live, and Summer officially starts on 1 December. I have set myself a target to decrease my waist measurement (currently 98 cm) by  5 cm by the beginning of Summer which is 39 days away. As some readers may also want to do this, I will blog my results each week. This will include how easy (or difficult) it is to follow each change in habits that I test. I will also cover the scientific research on each change.

Throughout this process, I will be listening to a motivational hypnotic recording to encourage weight loss once per day. This will motivate me to stay on track, which will be important, especially if I do not see immediate benefits.

My first change is to start eating according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines Recommended Daily Intakes and use the recommended serving sizes. I will do this for a week, and then introduce another change as well as continuing to follow the dietary guidelines.

As part of this, I will avoid foods which have obvious or hidden fat or sugar. In order to help me  identify foods which have hidden fat and sugar, I will use the Eat for Health  Australian government website, which shows how to interpret food labels on manufactured foods.

There seems to be broad agreement on what constitutes a healthy diet. The UK website Health Direct advice on numbers of portion sizes is broadly similar to the Australian site I am using, but does recommend more cereals and meat, and less dairy foods for my age group than the Eat for Health site.

I will also try to eat quality foods (see article by Harvard University here. )

I will post next week about my successes and any difficulties in following this method of choosing foods.

Until next week,

Regards, Lisa

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