This post can be read on its own, but is part 2 of a series on self hypnosis.  Part 1 was published last week, and explained how to get into a relaxed, hypnotic state.

This week’s blog post is about suggestions. Suggestions are what you (silently) speak to yourself while in the hypnotic state, and they are instructions to your subconscious mind. There are certain rules which make them more effective, so that you get the most out of your practice.

  • Keep suggestions simple and fairly short
    The subconscious mind has the IQ of a 4 – 6 year old child.
  • Ensure that suggestions are correct when interpreted literally
    The subconscious will interpret your suggestions literally, so a useful skill is to pretend that a computer will be reading them. Will that computer do what you want to happen? For instance, the suggestion  “I am reducing my weight by 1/2kg each week” is not healthy if taken literally, as there is no end date to the suggestion. A better suggestion would be “I am reducing my weight by 1/2kg each week until I reach my target weight of 70 kg”.
  • Experiment with using both “you” and “I” when silently speaking your suggestions to yourself.
    It may seem strange to experiment with using “you” when speaking to yourself, but it is worth trialling both types of suggestion, and seeing which you prefer – e.g. “You are feeling more confident” or “I am feeling more confident”. freedom-2053281_1280
  • ‘Speak’ in a suitable tone of voice
    When you are ‘speaking’ to yourself, use a ‘tone’ that conveys compassion and enthusiasm. Ensure that it conveys confidence that you will achieve your goals.
  • Try not to use the word ‘try’
    ‘Try’ is a word that means you may not succeed or may not do something. Which person would you think is more likely to attend a party – one who says “I’ll try to be there” or one who says “I’ll be there”?
  • Make the suggestions positive
    The subconscious mind does not understand negativity, so if you tell yourself “I do not want cream cakes” the subconscious mind takes this to mean “I do not want cream cakes” – probably not the ideal suggestion if you are wanting to lose weight!   In this case you could phrase it more positively – perhaps “I enjoy healthy food which is good for my body”.

If you are struggling with a problem that is bothering you, Sunset Coast Hypnotherapy offers hypnotherapy sessions on a wide range of issues. If you would like to know more, please phone me on 0403 932311.

Please note – this post does not provide medical advice, and is solely for general education. If you have any type of medical condition, please seek advice from a medical professional. 

© Lisa Billingham, 2018





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