Springtime in Australia can be wonderful! Here in Perth, Western Australia, the weather has been changeable (hot, then cold and rainy) but one thing is certain – Summer is not far away! That means “holidays” – and enjoying some free time away from work, university or school.

Holidays can provide a great break from stress. Stress can affect our body systems – decrease the ability to fight infection, affect digestion, decrease mental alertness and mood, and increase blood pressure. You may not sleep so well, which then affects the following day.

According to 2017 research (1), over 4.9 million Australian were affected by stress in 2016 – 2017, an increase of almost 1/3 compared with the results from 2007-08 (3.7 million).

As most of us who are employed only have a set amount of holiday time each year, I have listed some points below to assist in making the best use of this time:-

1. Decide what you want to do with your time

Think – what do YOU want to do with the time? You may have other people to consider, e.g., family members or friends, and of course you will need to consider their wishes in where to visit and what to do if you are planning a holiday away from home. However – be careful to also consider your own list of activities.

2. Schedule in some quiet time every day

We are all so busy – mobile phones, work, school runs, taking children to after school or weekend activities….A holiday is a great time to relax and unwind. Some people come back from their holidays more exhausted than before they left, and then have to go back to their normal work routine without a true ‘break’. You may wish to reserve some time each day to meditate, simply lie on the beach, or relax in the shade on a sun lounger….

3. Schedule busy time everyday

To provide contrast in your day, it is great to spend some time in activity – sightseeing (walking or cycling), maybe climbing or even dancing the night away in a club! All provide exercise which may help the body’s immune system (2) by flushing bacteria out of the lungs, by making antibodies and white blood cells circulate more rapidly, by raising the body temperature, and by slowing the release of stress hormones.

4. Enjoy yourself

Make sure that you are doing things that you enjoy.

5. Be positive

Our words are powerful and can create or destroy the mood of a situation. When we give voice to our worries, dislikes and negativity we are literally enhancing that feeling for ourselves and everyone around us. Is that what you really want?

Try keeping your words and commentary on what you love, appreciate or enjoy in your present moment. A steady stream of positive comments lifts you up and everyone else. You will be creating the joy and peace that you hope for in the holidays. Do your best not to complain and instead seek to lift yourself (and those around you) up. It’ll make your holiday experience so much better and enjoyable.

This is also important if something “goes wrong” – flight delay, accommodation double booked, etc. Make a decision to approach this in a positive way. One of my friends has said “once you have travelled a lot, you experience most of what could wrong, and you know you can survive it by staying calm and positive”.

6. Appreciate what you have

Be grateful for the people in your life, and the activities that you are doing. Be ‘present’ with your children, spouse and friends, and ensure that you get the most out of whatever you are doing while on holiday.


(1) Was 2017 Australia’s most stressful year? link

(2) Exercise and immunity link

If you feel that you would like to improve your life, please feel free to contact me at Sunset Coast Hypnotherapy on 0403 932311, or email sunsetcoasthyp@gmail.com for a free phone consultation.

Hypnotherapy can be especially useful for helping you:-

  • look differently at events in your past
  • practice positive self-talk
  • concentrate on the present (rather than worrying about the past and future)
  • motivate yourself towards your goals.

We can discuss your specific requirements, and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed with hypnotherapy unless you choose to do so.

© Lisa Billingham, 2018

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