Leave your old habit behind in last year where it belongs.

Some habits masquerade as our friends, but they are in fact our enemies!

It is sometimes hard to recognise these ‘so-called friends’, as they are so clever at appearing to be useful and attractive in our lives.

Just suppose that you had a friend who offered to:-

  • console you when you are depressed
  • keep you company when you are bored
  • calm you when you are stressed
  • keep you company when you go to social events
  • help you feel confident
  • always be available when you need them

Pretty good friend, aren’t they? Who would not want a friend like that?

However…after they have been your friend for a few years, you might realise that they have been:-

  • demanding your money
  • making you look older than you really are
  • limiting where you can go to socialise if you want to interact with them while you’re there
  • affecting your appearance
  • affecting your health (making you more likely to get lung diseases, cancer, dementia, etc.)
  • shortening your lifespan

Ugh! Not such a great friend after all. You wouldn’t put up with this from a human friend, so why put up with it from your unwanted habit?

Retrain your subconscious mind

This is easy to do –  by breaking the beliefs, associations and triggers related to the smoking or drinking, and replacing them with what you want to do instead.


In a hypnotherapy session we will uncover the reasons why you started the habit, and why it has continued. We will then plan the new healthy alternative behaviour that you want to do instead, and create positive suggestions to reinforce your desired new feeling, thoughts and behaviour.

Easy and successful therapy

The vast majority of clients do not have any smoking withdrawal symptoms, and they report that they are extremely pleased and proud that they have stopped.

Clients who wish to decrease their drinking, or stop altogether also find hypnotherapy very helpful.

If you are wondering what a hypnotherapy session is like, please see my other blogpost.

Why should I use hypnotherapy instead of the other methods for quitting smoking or decreasing my drinking?

If you use patches or gum to come off cigarettes, you are still taking the nicotine into your body. Hypnotherapy allows you to break the beliefs and psychological habit of smoking, and to take back control of your behaviour. As part of the hypnotherapy, we will work together to create positive statements which you can use to sustain your success as a non-smoker.

If you use other methods of stopping drinking alcohol (e.g. cold turkey, cutting down your drinking), you are not dealing with the reasons why you want to drink. Hypnotherapy allows you to break the beliefs and psychological habit of drinking, and expecting a drink in specific situations. Hypnotherapy will enable you to get back in control by talking to your subconscious mind and breaking the link between drinking too much alcohol and apparent happiness. As part of the hypnotherapy, we will work together to create positive statements which you can use to sustain your success.

Make today the day that you ditch your smoking or drinking habit.

If you are determined to stop smoking or decrease your drinking, please give Lisa a call on 0403 932311 or email sunsetcoasthyp@gmail.com for an obligation-free discussion, or to make an appointment. Start the New Year with a positive change!

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