Keen to use hypnotherapy to assist with an unwanted habit or issue in your life?

Hypnotherapy in Australia is largely unregulated, and that means that anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist. So how do you choose a reputable practitioner?

Here are some tips

  • Check that the practitioner is a member of a hypnotherapy association. Some of the major associations are the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH), and the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia (PHA).
  • Reputable organisations like those above require members to have a specific level of training before they can join, and require ongoing professional development training for their members. They also require that members have regular supervision meetings with experienced hypnotherapists to provide learning and reflection on their practice.
  • You can check your practitioner’s registration by searching the registers of the various organisations – just search online for the organisation’s website.
  • Check that the practitioner has a first aid qualification, has completed a police check and has public indemnity insurance.
  • You may wish to consult a hypnotherapist with other skills apart from hypnotherapy. Some are also medical professionals (e.g. GPs), psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists.
  • If relevant, check if your health fund will give a rebate for treatment by your specific hypnotherapist.  You can do this by asking for the therapist’s provider number for the health fund.
  • Have a talk to the hypnotherapist by phone or face-to-face before making an appointment for a paid consultation. This allows you to double-check qualifications as well as finding out if the therapist is a good match for you (regarding their style and personality).
  • Be aware of the ballpark figure for session cost. This is currently (in February 2019) $100 to $200 per hour. If the price is much more than this, check why this is the case (e.g. has the therapist extra qualifications, are they providing tests which incur a cost)?
  • Many clients ask how many sessions it will take to resolve their issue. This can be difficult to predict accurately, especially at the first session. However, the therapist should be able to give an indication of likely numbers of sessions, especially once you have had 2 or 3 appointments.
  • A bonus tip to help you get the most from your sessions: be honest when answering questions asked by your therapist, as this will help them to help you.

I hope that this will be of assistance when choosing a hypnotherapist.

If you would like more help with overcoming anxiety, habits, or weight issues, or simply wish to ask questions about possible hypnotherapy sessions, please give me (Lisa) a call on 0403 932311  for an obligation-free discussion.

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