I know (for me at least) that the excesses of the holiday season are a danger zone! I often find that the weight that I gain during this enjoyable time is still with me in January of the next year.

Prevention is definitely better than cure, and so I have put together some tips to help during the holiday season.

According to parts therapy, our personality is made up of ‘parts’, each with its own function. This therapy can be used to resolve serious issues, and in this case can be facilitated by a hypnotherapist.

However, the idea of ‘parts’ can also be used to illustrate the decisions that we often have to make at holiday times.

Often, when people have an unwanted habit, one or more parts are in disagreement with other parts. One part may wish to enjoy life (eating fatty and sugary foods during the holiday season), while another part wishes to be slim and lose weight. We sometimes say things like  ‘part of me wants to eat the chocolate cake, but part of me knows I shouldn’t’ and this indicates our awareness of the dilemma.

However,  there are actions you can take to maintain your weight:-

  • You can pause to consider if you need to eat that extra mince pie or piece of cake (or bottle of beer…). Those extra seconds spent in thinking rather than just blindly eating more and more allows you decide if its in your best interests to eat more…
  • You can ensure that you are not comfort eating – use other solutions such as relaxation, exercise, or talking your issues over with a friend instead.
  • Only eat when you are hungry. Thin slim people do this – they do not eat a normal meal just because it is mealtime if they are not hungry – they may have a small snack instead.
  • Do not ignore the first signs of weight creeping on. It is easy to make excuses but the problem will just get worse!
  • Educate yourself about the nutritional and calorific value of food. This can be done by comparing the grams or milligrams of nutrients per 100g of food as listed on the food label panel. The website https://www.eatforhealth.gov.au/ is very good for providing unbiased advice.
  • Increase the amount of exercise you take. (Take advice from your GP first, especially if you have any concerns or have not exercised for a while).
  • Think positively – do not let negative self talk derail your weight loss efforts. Use reframing, refuting, replacement and refusal. Reframing puts a different spin on what you are saying, e.g. “I can’t eat sweet food anymore” becomes “I can avoid most sweet food, but can give myself a treat sometimes” or “I’ll avoid the food with empty calories, and only eat nutritious food”. Refuting means that you ‘ask yourself for proof’ of negative thoughts, and do not let them go unchallenged. Replacement means that you challenge immediately with a positive alternative such as if you think “I’m not losing any weight” you can refute with “I’ve lost 0.5 kilos per week for the past month”. Refusal means that you do not listen to the negative voice in your head, and ignore it (it will stop if you do this!).

Well, I hope this article assists you to enjoy the holiday season, and if you have excess grams or kilograms to get rid off, that this article makes you feel more positive about the process.

If you would like to have a chat about how you can control your weight or stop your weight increasing, please give Lisa a call on 0403 9323411. You can have a no obligation discussion on how to start the New Year with a New You!

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