Well done! So you have decided to become a non-smoker again!

(Remember: you were born a non-smoker…). 

You can look forward to some great health benefits – not to mention the benefits to your bank account.

Your health starts improving very soon after your last cigarette:- (1)

  • 20 minutes: Your heart rate and blood pressure return to a normal range.
  • 8 hours: Your body’s oxygen levels return to normal and risk of a heart attack decreases.
  • 24 hours: Your lungs begin to clear out the mucus caused by smoking. Coughing is normal at this stage.
  • 48 hours: Your sense of smell and taste start to return.
  • 2 weeks to 2 months: Your lung function increases up to 30 percent.
  • 1 year: Your risk of heart attack is cut in half.
  • 10 years: Your risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half.
  • 20 years or more: Your risk of getting heart disease is the same as someone who has never smoked.

Why NOW is the very best time to stop smoking

While helping people stop smoking, I often hear that the habit is linked to situations, or activities that people do at a certain time of day.

  • Maybe you smoke when you are talking with friends in the pub.
  • Maybe you smoke during your coffee break at work.
  • You might smoke when you are with a specific person (who also smokes).

If your routines have changed due to the coronavirus situation, NOW is a great time to break an unwanted habit, as many of the ‘triggers’ for the habit may have DISAPPEARED, or have CHANGED.

While we are fighting the coronavirus, you may find that your routines have changed (e.g. you could be working from home, you may be phoning friends instead of meeting them in person, you might have stopped going to the pub, or have a takeaway meal instead of dining out in a restaurant).

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Cost savings

The Australian federal government has increased tobacco excise by 12.5% EVERY YEAR since 2013 (2). This applies to both cigarettes and other forms of tobacco.

Cigarettes now cost around $1 each, $20 for a packet of 20 cigarettes, meaning that an average 40 per day smoker will spend $280 per week or $14,600 per year – the cost of a modest house mortgage – on something that is doing them harm.

Methods of quitting smoking

About 90% of people who try to quit use “cold turkey”, although only 5 – 7% succeed with this method. (3)

Hypnotherapy is well known as a way to stop smoking promptly and with minimal cravings, and can be extremely successful, not only saving money (that the smoker would have spent on cigarettes), but also improving their health. Studies have shown that it is actually one of the most successful ways to stop smoking.

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.” (4)

In order for it to work, it is critical that you actually want to stop smoking, and are not attending the hypnotherapy just to please a relative or friend, or because you feel that you should stop smoking due to pressure from society (fewer places to smoke, negative glances from bystanders, etc.).

Stop Smoking Package

The package includes three sessions, but many people start to see the benefits from the very first session. The other two appointments are simply for follow-up if you need them.

If you do not know what is included in a hypnotherapy consultation, this is covered on my website. 

Specifically, in the stop smoking package, you will:-

  • Decide what you would like to substitute for the old smoking habit 
  • Confirm the benefits for you of stopping smoking (better health, finances, relationships, etc.). 
  • Learn how to solve any issues without smoking
  • Learn how smoking is insidiously damaging to your health
  • Learn how to switch from the old thoughts to your chosen new ways of thinking
  • Identify and overcome any old associations (e.g. with places, activities & people) and smoking

The package is therefore very personalised to you and your needs to ensure that you can replace the old smoking habit with other better habits instead.

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Thanks to Lisa I now consider myself an ex-smoker. I chose to complete the “smoking cessation package” and although the package was three  sessions I stopped smoking after my first session. I don’t know how it happened but I just forgot to smoke. Having smoked for 21 years this is a huge achievement for me. There were none of the withdrawals or counting down the seconds since I had my last cigarette only to be disappointed in myself when I caved in. No snappy personality or cravings. My focus went straight to being proud and excited that I had quit! My only regret was not doing this sooner. As this was a big habit for me to kick I am glad I got the three sessions to reinforce my success.

I have now completed two sessions and I can’t wait for my third session. Lisa is a wonderful therapist that I feel very comfortable with and would definitely go to again. Regards, Diana

Please note: results vary from client to client. 

Hi, my name is John and I WAS a smoker for 50 years. Due to health reasons, I decided to approach Lisa at Sunset Coast Hypnotherapy to give up smoking. After just 1 session with Lisa I am no longer a smoker and am reaping the benefits health wise and financially.  Lisa has also sent me a CD of our session which I use as a  backup.  Thank you so much Lisa.  I would give the program 5/5 star rating!

Please note: results vary from client to client. 

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy are used together to enable you to teach your subconscious mind to make the changes that you want in an almost effortless way.

CBT is widely used in psychology to change thoughts and behaviours which are not helpful for you, and replace them with more positive thoughts and behaviours that you choose to have in the future. Both of these therapies complement each other when used in this way.

If you would like some help with stopping smoking, or simply wish to find out more information, please contact me (Lisa) on 0403 932311 or book a call at a time that suits you. All no-obligation!

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© 2020 Lisa Billingham
Sunset Coast Hypnotherapy
Perth, Western Australia


  1. University of Michigan Health System, Tobacco Consultation Service. (2005). Changes Your Body Goes Through When You Quit Smoking.
  2. Piotrowski, D. (2019). Cigarettes soar to $35 a pack after a sneaky 12.5% tax hike – and you won’t believe how much a smoker now spends each year on their habit. Daily Mail UK
  3. WebMD Ways to quit smoking
  4. Matthews, R. (1992). How one in five have given up smoking. New Scientist, vol. 136, issue 1845.

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