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Feeling stressed? Strengthen your grit and resilience

Do you feel that you have plenty of resilience? And grit? The ability to persevere and not be diverted or discouraged indicate how successful we are likely to be in achieving our goals. This post explains what grit actually is, why it is important in life, and how we can develop it.

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The top 10 personal reasons why people do not seek therapy

You want therapy to succeed. That’s why you made the effort to attend , and are willing to discuss how your situation can improve. However, some factors can make it more likely that the therapy may fail, or not succeed as well as it it could. The good news is that they are all within your control.


How to succeed and conquer your inner critic

Most of us are familiar with that inner voice that tells us “I’m not good enough”, “I will fail”, “I haven’t prepared enough”, “I’m no good at that” “They will see through me” “I’m still fat despite following that diet”. The little voice in our mind can either spur us on to greater achievements, or demolish our self-confidence.


Mindful hypnotherapy decreases stress

Research from Baylor University, Texas has shown how combined mindfulness and hypnotherapy can decrease the effects of stress, and is even quicker than using mindfulness on its own. The techniques can be used privately throughout their day, so no-one need know that we are feeling stressed.


Sneaky ways to be successful at losing weight

Why do some people find it so easy to lose weight? Genetics can play a part, and foods with the “bliss point” ratio of salt, sweetness and fat can tempt us to eat! Neurological changes, stress, and hormones can also affect weight loss. This article gives tips to help you succeed.


Do media reports make you stressed and anxious?

We live in an increasingly connected world. We have 24-hour news from multiple sources. We can get the latest news on any situation. This article provides tips on how to take back control, and decrease the stress caused by information overload.

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How to look after your mental health post-lockdown

Research in March 2020 found that the social and financial disruption caused by restrictions had a much more marked effect than fear of exposure to the coronavirus itself. This article covers signs that anxiety may be out of control, and tips for overcoming this anxiety.

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Ditch your smoking habit

Some habits masquerade as our friends, but they are in fact our enemies! If you want to ditch cigarettes and other forms of smoking, this article explains how this can be done, plus covers research into the best ways to stop smoking.


Change how you talk to yourself – beating procrastination – 4

This post explains how to tame the feeling that either encourages us to go do something else – thus procrastinating, or the critical voice… the one that tells us how much we suck because we didn’t get the things done we set out to do. It includes three secrets of getting things done.

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How to motivate yourself, and avoid distractions – part 2

Ready to stop procrastinating and make progress towards your goals? If you’re one of the many who are now spending much more time at home, these seven tips could make life easier (and more productive) for you.

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11 ways you can thrive during self-isolation

This blogpost contains some ideas on how you can look after your mental health during a period of self-isolation, e.g. due to COVID-19 (but it applies equally to isolation for other reasons).

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A great time to stop smoking the easy way, and boost your health

While helping people stop smoking, I often hear that the habit is linked to situations, or activities that people do at a certain time of day. This post explains the benefits of being a non smoker,and methods of quitting.