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Demolishing some myths about hypnotherapy

Many people are curious about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, so this post will explain about some of the many myths surrounding this topic, as well as some of the facts. (In case you were wondering about the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy is simply the use of hypnosis for therapeutic benefits, and is the major part of my work at Sunset Coast Hypnotherapy here … Read More Demolishing some myths about hypnotherapy

6 tips for self-hypnosis suggestions

Do you want to achieve your goals in your life ? Follow these 6 tips for self-hypnosis suggestions.
Suggestions are what you (silently) speak to yourself while in the hypnotic state, and they are instructions to your subconscious mind. There are certain rules which make them more effective, so that you get the most out of your practice.

6 tips on using self-hypnosis to achieve your goals in your life – entering the hypnotic state

Most people put themselves in hypnotic trances without even realising…this article shows you how to make the most of your hypnotic abilities.

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Insomnia – learn how to have a great night’s sleep! (part 2)

This week, I will cover some self-hypnosis methods of overcoming insomnia. In last week’s post I explained some background about insomnia – causes and reasons for insomnia, health effects of insomnia, the four stages of falling sleep, and some methods of overcoming insomnia. Outline of hypnotherapy As the techniques and methods in this post involve hypnotic principles, I have included this section to explain … Read More Insomnia – learn how to have a great night’s sleep! (part 2)

Insomnia – how to get a good night’s sleep

We’ve all experienced insomnia. It is very common – affecting 40 – 50% of the population at any given time according to the Sleep Health Foundation. If you are interested, you can purchase the two hypnotic recordings (Relaxation for insomnia – 17:25, and Restful sleep – 16:40) and 6-page handout from the session for $30 (digital format), or printed notes and recordings on a … Read More Insomnia – how to get a good night’s sleep