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Ways to work through stress based on your personality type

Not all stress is bad. We all go through it at different points. Things such as getting fired from a job or a death in the family will cause stress.  But even positive things, such as a promotion, new relationship or new baby, can cause stress. The key is to make sure you balance out stressful times with times to relax.  When you go through … Read More Ways to work through stress based on your personality type

Can exercise and diet help in weight loss?

Week 3 of my quest for a slim waist. This time I am joining a gym to add exercise to the diet I am following, which is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

+ Woman holding out waistband of jeans to show how much weight she has lost

Lose weight with virtual gastric band hypnotherapy

Virtual gastric band hypnotherapy is a procedure where hypnosis is used to convince your unconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted around your stomach, and thus can only eat small portions of food.

What happens during a hypnotherapy appointment?

This explains the structure of a typical hypnotherapy consultation with us.

Happy Australia Day!

Here in Australia, 26th January is Australia Day  – Australia’s National Day. It is meant to symbolise national pride, and feeling positive about Australia. Which leads me on to self-esteem – personal pride if you like. Everyone has had the experience of being uncertain about their actions, or their abilities in a situation. Most of us at some point have also been unhappy with … Read More Happy Australia Day!