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Online hypnosis – effective, and the way of the future!

Some people wonder how hypnotherapy works using computer software. After all, do you not need to be in the same room as the hypnotherapist to obtain therapy? This post explains the types of hypnotherapy that can be delivered online, and the advantages of the face-to-face online service.

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6 reasons why therapy can fail, and how to avoid them!

When you start therapy, you want it to succeed. That is why you made the effort to attend therapy, and are willing to discuss how your situation can improve. This post covers factors can make therapy more likely to fail, or not succeed as well as it it could. The good news is that they are all within your control.

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Skypenosis – why is online hypnotherapy so convenient and effective?

This post explains how online hypnotherapy sessions work (they’re just as good as clinic sessions), plus some of the benefits of using online sessions.