Initial free chat

If you’d like to have a chat before arranging your appointment, just phone 0403 932311. We can chat for around 30 minutes at a time convenient to you, and look at the issues you wish to discuss. Next, we can see what is working for you and what the next steps might be. If I don’t feel that I can help you, I’ll suggest alternatives. (You can also pre-book this chat by clicking the button below, to ensure I’ll be available at a time that suits you.)

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Clinic appointments

I’m available

  • Tuesday 8.00am – 6.00pm
  • Thursday 8.00am – 12.00 noon
  • Friday 3.00pm – 6.00pm
  • Saturday 8.00am – 12.00 noon

for appointments in North Beach clinic (60 and 90 minutes).

Online appointments

I’m available Monday – Saturday (appointments available from 8.00am – 7.00pm) for Zoom online therapy appointments (60 and 90 minutes).

Why use online? We can see and hear each other just as if we are sitting together in the same room. The appointment can take place anywhere convenient to you, using a phone or computer.

There are plenty of reasons for using online appointments:

  1. You can have help in the comfort of your own home, even while sitting comfortably in your favourite chair.
  2. You can access hypnotherapy services regardless of whether you live close to Perth, regardless of where you are (at home, on holiday, on business travel, etc.)
  3. You can save time and stress – no travelling to the clinic required!
  4. You can have appointments at an earlier or later time than in the clinic. Perhaps you wish to have your evening meal first, and then have the hypnosis session. No problem!
  5. If you wish, you can have someone else with you during the session. This is of course possible with a face to face session in the clinic, but may be easier and more convenient to arrange for an online session.
  6. You can still access hypnotherapy services and get help even if you cannot drive, or currently have a condition where you do not wish to leave your home. This can allow you to resolve the very condition which prevents you leaving your house.
  7. It allows me to share screens with you, which results in better communication and is more beneficial overall for my clients.
  8. With the recent situation regarding COVID-19, it makes perfect sense – and if you’re not familiar with Zoom or the other softwares, you’ll have a new tool up your sleeve that might come in handy!

Do we not need to be in the same room?

Some people may wonder how hypnotherapy could work using computer software. After all, do you not need to be in the same room as the hypnotherapist?

In fact, therapy can be delivered very successfully in a one-to-one video-conference, and I follow the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) system of guidelines for best results. In a face-to-face session we would simply talk to each other, and have a normal conversation. Well, this can be done via online sessions just as well. We can hear and see each other just the same.

The following list is just a sample of the topics that can be discussed:-

  • weight loss
  • generalised anxiety
  • study anxiety & study techniques
  • public speaking anxiety
  • driver anxiety
  • OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • phobias (e.g. agoraphobia)
  • panic attacks
  • quit smoking
  • stop hair pulling
  • stop nail biting
  • stop drinking alcohol
  • insomnia
  • building up self-esteem

How does it all work? I’m a technophobe!

If you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s super easy! All you need is a laptop, webcam or phone. If you want to give it a test run now, jump on to and give it a try. …

If you don’t have a webcam or laptop that you can use don’t sweat – you can just dial in from any phone and connect with audio.

If you’re considering an appointment, and wish to do a test run beforehand, please let me know and I’d be happy to do a quick 5 minute call with you just to make sure you’re comfortable with how it works.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I’d be happy to help.

I’m available Monday – Saturday (8.00am – 7.00pm) for:-

  • Skype / Zoom / FaceTime hypnotherapy appointments (60 and 90 minutes)
  • Initial complimentary discussion (via phone – 0403 932311 or online via Zoom. If I can’t answer your call, just leave your name and number so that I can call you back.
  • You can also pre-book your initial complimentary discussion with me, to ensure I’ll be available at a time that suits you.

All appointments can be booked online, by email or by calling 0403 932311.