I specialise in using evidence-based hypnosis therapy and psychotherapy to help  adults to:-

Manage reactions to stress: prolonged stress can cause or worsen conditions such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety, asthma and ulcers. Therapy can be used in stress management by promoting relaxation, mindfulness, and remaining detached from stressful situations.

Manage anxiety: hypnosis and psychotherapy can be used to stop / control panic attacks, insomnia, phobias, exam anxiety, social anxiety and fears.

Manage PTSD: hypnosis and psychotherapy can assist with creating the symptoms and correcting the thought patterns associated with PTSD.

Manage weight: hypnosis and psychotherapy can change approaches to eating, and the types of food which we choose to eat. It can also be used to increase motivation to exercise appropriately.

Control habits: hypnosis and psychotherapy can help you stop smoking, drinking, gambling, nail biting, skin picking and other habits.

I also use hypnosis and psychotherapy to:

Enhance performance: these therapies can be used to decrease public speaking anxiety, performance anxiety, and procrastination. It can help improve motivation, memory and recall, concentration, sales performance, and sports performance.

Improve self-confidence: hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can be used to improve confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem, and improve self-image. It can help with overcoming shyness, overcoming guilt, and social skills in general.

Manage pain: hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can be used to minimise temporary or chronic pain. I will need permission from your GP or relevant specialist before I can offer a consultation for pain management. This is to ensure that the cause of pain has been investigated.

Manage medical conditions: hypnotherapy can be useful in management of high blood pressure, skin conditions, vertigo, gynaecological conditions (e.g. PMT, painful periods, infertility), and sleep disorders.

Preparation / recovery related to medical and dental procedures: hypnotherapy can decrease anxiety, and assist in preparation for medical and dental procedures. It has also been shown to be beneficial in recovery, by promoting healing, positive anticipation, and relaxation.