Are you sick of smoking? Do you want to quit?

Are you fed up with feeling that you need to smoke?

Imagine living the healthy, confident life that you know you deserve!

Discover how you can do that – by using hypnosis!

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How you can stop smoking with hypnosis

Hypnosis is real!

Hypnotherapy speaks to your subconscious mind – where habits are learned and maintained – and hypnotherapy can thus be very effective at stopping your unwanted habits. It is crucial that you actually want to stop your habit, and be ready to stop. This ensures that you will get the most out of the hypnotherapy process.

Sometimes, when people are thinking of making an appointment with a quit smoking hypnotist, they wonder what the consultation will include, and what they will be expected to do.

Click here to read a short explanation of what is involved in a typical stop smoking hypnosis consultation.


Thanks to Lisa I now consider myself an ex-smoker. 

I chose to complete the “smoking cessation package” and although the package was three  sessions I stopped smoking after my first session. I don’t know how it happened but I just forgot to smoke. Having smoked for 21 years this is a huge achievement for me. There were none of the withdrawals or counting down the seconds since I had my last cigarette only to be disappointed in myself when I caved. No snappy personality or cravings. My focus went straight to being proud and excited that I had quit! My only regret was not doing this sooner. As this was a big habit for me to kick I am glad I got the three sessions to reinforce my success. I have now completed two sessions and I can’t wait for my third session. Lisa is a wonderful therapist that I feel very comfortable with and would definitely go to again. Regards, Diana

Hi, my name is John and I WAS a smoker for 50 years. Due to health reasons, I decided to approach Lisa at Sunset Coast Hypnotherapy to give up smoking. After just 1 session with Lisa I am no longer a smoker and am reaping the benefits health wise and financially.  Lisa has also sent me a CD of our session which I use as a  backup.  Thank you so much Lisa.  I would give the program 5/5 star rating!


Did you know:-

  • It’s good to realise that smoking is an addiction for only a small group of smokers
  • It is likely that you only smoke as a safety behaviour – or simply a habit. Perhaps you always smoke when you have a drink of wine – or a coffee – or are with certain friends. Perhaps you only smoke to keep your hands occupied…
  • The fact that smoking is simply a habit or safety behaviour is good news, as you then do not need to undergo ‘withdrawal’ to stop smoking, and hypnosis can be used easily to replace your smoking habit with a better, healthier alternative of your choice.

Consultations will include analysis of the reasons why you smoke, and the triggers and places which encourage you to smoke.

Using integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT integrated with hypnotherapy), Neuro-linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy you will then be shown how to change your response when facing these situations and triggers, so that you can choose to do something more healthy.

As with any therapy, it is important to realise that results  cannot be guaranteed, and results may vary from client to client.


As I am a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, health fund rebates are available from most funds, depending on level of cover.

For information on the different consultations and packages available, please see the Consultations page, email, or give me a call on 0403 932311 to discuss your specific request.