People sometimes ask how I ended up as a hypnotherapist…

When I emigrated to Australia from England, I experienced anxiety due to the stress of setting up a new life in Australia (although I had desperately wanted to come to Australia). So much was unknown and new!

I felt overwhelmed and trapped. Anxiety had spread to all areas of my life, the worry in one area feeding the anxiety in other areas of my life.

  • I worried if I had turned off all appliances before leaving my house.
  • I worried about the impression I was making when meeting people.
  • I worried about getting everything done each day – cooking, cleaning, tasks at work, and what to concentrate on next.
  • I even felt anxiety about being worried so much.
  • I knew deep down in my heart that life could be so much better.

I felt trapped, with no way out of the anxiety and stress spiral which seemed to feed itself.

woman thinking - looking upwards with question marks around her

I had always been interested in the potential of the human mind, and found I was becoming more and more interested in hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, and its use to deal with the challenges I faced in daily life.

As I continued with this interest, I started to practice more meditation and self-hypnosis, and used these to lower my level of anxiety in general. I also taught myself techniques to banish the acute anxiety when it returned.  I also needed to lose weight and initially found this difficult until I used meditation and self-hypnosis.

I then decided to take a course in hypnosis to learn as much as I could. I didn’t consider actually working in the field at that stage, but after the course, I was totally convinced that I wanted to qualify as a hypnotherapist, as my life had been transformed (in a positive way). I hoped that I could use my knowledge gained in my Nutrition and Dietetics degree, along with my personal experiences and training, to help other people manage their anxiety and finally experience true inner freedom.

That is why I qualified as a hypnotherapist, joined the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, and began to see clients. However, that didn’t satisfy my interest in the subject – and I went back to college to study a Diploma in Hypnocounselling. And I’m still learning…

If you do suffer from anxiety or related issues,  I can assist you if you want to change. Change is possible. I have seen clients get rid of unwanted anxiety habits within a few weeks (although it can take longer). I have clients who can banish their anxiety within minutes when it tries to come back into their life.

There are definitely solutions for anxiety, stress and PTSD. The first step is reaching out for information and a chat. Why not call me on 0403 932311, or email me to help you decide if hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help you?