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+ Man slumped over desk with empty alcohol bottle in his hand

Ditch your smoking or drinking habit for 2019!

Leave your old habit behind in 2018 where it belongs. Some habits masquerade as our friends, but they are in fact our enemies! It is sometimes hard to recognise these ‘so-called friends’, as they are so clever at appearing to be useful and attractive in our lives. Just suppose that you had a friend who offered to:- console you when you are depressed keep … Read More Ditch your smoking or drinking habit for 2019!

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Do you worry about ‘missing out’?

Do you check Facebook (or other social media) five times a day? Do you check up on what your friends are doing? Do you worry that you are missing out on activities? Do you feel anxious and sick if you know that your friends are going out without you? You may have FOMO (fear of missing out). FOMO explained According to the Oxford English … Read More Do you worry about ‘missing out’?